Here comes the Sun, doodle doodle

The sun has finally got his hat on in the UK! Naturally, because of the months of darkness and rain (may be over exaggerating there...) I am considerably under-prepared for even the slightest glimmer of sunshine. So I thought I'd do a little sunglasses guide in case anyone else was in a pickle.

Round glasses by RayBan.

I love round shaped sunglasses, even though I look like one of The Beatles when I wear them (remember this post?) I somehow can't seem to stop. They have a vintage feel to them and would look great with a red lip and a messy up-do. They're also known as 'teashades' apparently, which I very much enjoy.

Round glasses generally suit most face shapes as they are quite flattering, but I'd recommend them for more oblong shaped faces.
Aviators by Carrera and RayBan.

Usually this style just reminds me of Top Gun, with thin metal frames and teardrop shaped lenses, but if you fancy a bit of a change and can't quite pull of the 80's Tom Cruise look, plastic aviator frames are the way forward. I love the simple, black RayBan frames above, they have a much more subtle aviator style with a gradient lens and almost cat eye shape.

Aviators are for you if you have a defined jawline and a square shaped face.

Wayfarers by RayBan and Serengeti.

The wayfarer style is the classic sunglasses shape originally made by RayBan and introduced in the 1950's. They were made popular by Hollywood bad boys like James Dean, I wouldn't want to argue with him, would you? Now they are the sunglasses of choice for cool kids everywhere, and my Dad...

Wayfarers work best with more delicate features and a diamond shape face.


  1. I really want some round ones. I have been wearing aviators which make me think of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas!

  2. love round sunglasses~~ will get one


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