Monday, 6 August 2012

Hello Sailor!

About 6 years ago, back in the days of AS Levels and discovering fashion blogs, I made friends with the lovely Becky on MySpace of all places, now we're all grown up and Becky has used her amazing drawing skills to make her very own little collection called Hello Sailor!

Inspired by all things burlesque, classic tattoos and nautical but nice influences, Becky has created a range of illustrations across a range of mediums including tote bags, t shirts and ceramics. My personal favourite is the cheeky stockings tote bag below, plus it's a steal at only £8!

Have a gander at Becky's collection and her amazing artwork here, if only her MySpace was still live! If you fancy a laugh, I thoroughly recommend finding your old MySpace, this post inspired me to have a look at mine and it kept me amused for quite some time. There are so many side fringes...


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  2. I do love that tote with the stockings
    Becky's illustrations are really good
    she's quite talented =)



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