Top 10 Holiday Essentials

The boy and I are off on our jolly holidays next weekend, a much needed 5 day jaunt filled with sun, sea, sand, cocktails, yummy food and relaxation.

But before we can get into all that, there's the sensible packing and preparing that goes before. I've put together a little top 10 holiday essentials that have already made their way into my suitcase, I'd seriously love any more of your suggestions too, I feel extremely un-prepared! What's your holiday essential?

1. Moroccanoil
To stop my frizzball becoming like Monica's in Barbados. Moroccanoil is a-maz-ing, I cannot get enough of it! Plus it shortens the time it takes to blow dry meaning extra time enjoying holiday fun times! Travel sized bottles from £12.95 on HQhair, hoorah!

2. Sunglasses
I tend to shy away from glasses of all kinds, my stupid eyesight means I've been wearing glasses since I was 11 so I have a love hate relationship with them, but these lovely sunglasses from Topshop are right up my street.

3. Sun cream
We've opted for Nivea Invisible Protection Spray from Boots to stop our pale skin from burning to a crisp, it cuts out all the annoying streak marks and is super easy to apply.

4. Waterproof Mascara
Just the waterproof version of my every day mascara! Benefit Bad Gal Lash Mascara from Look Fantastic.

5. Tote Bag
A little lightweight tote bag is essential for carting around everything in this list up and down the beach. I've got this nautical one for a tiny £3 in the Monki sale.

6. Bikini
I am not a bikini kind of girl in any way, I've never worn one out of the comfort of my own home in fact. But this year I thought I'd embrace the curves and whip them out, in a very controlled and sturdy manner of course, my Panache Lucille Bikini from Simply Beach will make sure there's no fear of popping out in the pool!

7. Deck Shoes
I always need a pair of comfy slip ons for wandering around on holiday, this year I've kept the nautical theme with Sperry Top Siders in Coral Seersucker from Sperry.

8. Frizz Tamer
Another frizz tamer in the form of Dream Curls by John Frieda, I don't know how it does it but it turns my silly hair into lovely beach friendly ringlets, perfect for low maintenance holiday hair!

9. Scarf
Scarfs are so useful on holiday, especially when they're big enough to use as a sarong, top, headscarf or just a cover up in case it gets too sunny... I'm taking my Elusive Dream Scarf from Front Row Society this time!

10. Sun dress
Orange is my colour of choice this holiday, I picked up this little Orange Maria Dress from Monki for just 10 euros, score! Plus I can add a skinny belt and some wedges and I'm all set for the evening.


  1. great selection! love the shades ;) x

  2. Omg yes! Those lovely items please. Frizz tamer and scarf have been my fave thing, love the dress & tote. Got my eye on your blog now.

  3. nice xx :))

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  4. Very jealous my hols this year are camping in scotland - no sunshine for me!!

    Loving the bikini you've chosen. Have a fab hol. x

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  5. Thanks for such a motivating comment. Keep coming back here, this place always awaits readers like you.


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