Lifesaver: Jergens Ultra Healing

 Just before I went on holiday the lovely people at Jergens asked if I wanted to try their new and improved (with a fancy new look!) Ultra Healing moisturiser, seeing as I go through moisturiser like there's no tomorrow I jumped at the chance.

 (The boy and I, classic holiday snap!)

While we were on holiday we may have had a little too much sun, after all it would be rude not to, so having the Jergens moisturiser was a lifesaver! It's super thick, creamy and absorbs into the skin really quickly leaving you with a lovely, golden glow.

I'd definitely recommend it for anybody who's skin needs a little bit of extra tlc, it's probably not best to use it every day (unless your skin is in need!) because it's meant for healing skin, but there's a range of other strengths of moisturiser from daily to cocoa butter to choose from. Which would you choose?

They're UK site is currently being built, but until then you can find them on Facebook!


  1. ooh, I will have to try it out! Sounds amazing :)


  2. Spotted it at the airport as I was leaving Miami and it totally saved my life! I was just starting to itch from the massive amounts of sun I took in, and it really worked fantastically :)


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