Festival Icon: Kate Moss

How To Dress Like Kate Moss

She’s the ultimate style chameleon, switching from catwalk fashion to festival grunge in the blink of an eye. This style guide is designed to help you dress like Britain’s ultimate rock chick: the model Kate Moss

Kate Moss’s career started when she was famously spotted sitting atop a suitcase at JFK airport by Sarah Doukas. She’s come a long way since then, and has been the undisputed queen of fashion for close to two decades. Underneath her edgy rock star look, however, are some fundamental and basic purchases, which she mixes and matches with great success.

One of the most essential of Moss’s key purchases is, of course, her trademark denim. She frequently transforms the humble pair of jeans into a bold fashion statement. Over the years she has been decked out in everything from low-cut skinny jeans and wide-leg flares to tiny denim hot-pants. The key to her success is purchasing high quality items, and always going for styles that contrast with the popular fashion of the time. To her denim Moss then adds items such as waistcoats, blazers, boots and sandals.

Keep it simple

While she dominates both the catwalk and the after-hours social scene, in the daytime Moss usually opts for a cool and casual look. Moss is rarely seen without simple hair and makeup, often blending eyeliner and ‘bed hair’ for a laid-back, grungy look.

In her daytime wardrobe she often combines skinny jeans with a plain tank top. In summer she can often be found in a simple cotton dress. On the beach, her style is similarly understated, usually pairing her slender frame with simple womens swimwear designs in plain black or with nautical stripes.

These days Moss might have an incredible budget to spend on clothes, but it wasn’t always the case. Long before she was earning significant money on the catwalk, she spent her meagre teenage bank balance on vintage goods at London’s Portobello markets. Here she started her own unique fashion trends, including outfits like 1930s silk nightdresses paired with thick leather boots. These second hand, inexpensive items happen to be extremely well made, and offer a budget-friendly way of creating unique vintage looks.

Own the festival look

‘Rock chick chic’ comes as second nature to Kate Moss. While her look is an easy one to copy, it’s nearly impossible to do to it quite as effectively as the icon herself.

Think hot pants and ultra short shorts, skinny tank tops and the iconic Glastonbury footwear: wellington boots.


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