Underwear at The Editeur

I went for a little trip to the lovely city of Chester to visit a very special boutique, The Editeur. I'm a Cheshire girl at heart (I grew up in Nantwich if anyone's heard of it...) so it's always good to hear about new boutiques and designers based in Cheshire. The Editeur is a lovely boutique nestled in the City walls boasting some of the best names in fashion from Missoni to See by Chloe. The online version can be found here if you're nowhere near Chester or have never heard of it!

While I was there I picked up a cheeky underwear set by Elle Macpherson from their velvet draped lingerie section, I don't usually opt for the un-padded lacy numbers but it just looked so pretty! Unfortunately, it doesn't quite fit due to my large chesticular area, but where it did fit, it felt super soft and enhanced all my curvy bits! I couldn't help posting about it, it deserves it. I'm off to get the next size up as soon as possible!


  1. Thanks for sharing lovely, I've been eyeing up the Elle Macpherson collection for a while!

    Eda ♥



  2. I am on the site now! I love the lacy bits and the wide range of clothes. Now my Svpply.com wishlist will be bursting with lace and silk! Thanks a bunch for introducing me to this.

    PS. For bustier ladies they do have great styles for you too!


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