Manchester Blogger Meet Up

From left to right: Nicola, Florrie, Charlotte, Sarah, me and Amy

In a moment of frustration at work I decided to organise a little impromtu blogger meet up to distract myself from silliness, I posted a cheeky tweet to see who was up for it, sent a few emails and a Manchester blogger meet up was born!

The lovely Nicola, Florrie, Charlotte, Sarah, Clare, Rebecca and Amy made it to the meet up, we lost a few due to illness and Manchester Fashion Week. I have the good fortune to work for a handbag site ( if you're interested!) so I bagged (totes jokes pun) us some accessories to have a play with including The Cambridge Satchel Company, Lilifi and Louis Quatorze

We started off the day with tea (or for the non tea drinkers) and cake in Sugar Junction in the Northern Quarter which is a super cute cafe full of vintage crockery and tablecloths. After a catch up, we headed over to the Lomography store in the rain to have a little lesson on how to use the cameras and more importantly play with them!

The lovely David gave us a talk on the cameras, very patiently waited for us to get a bit less giddy and then let us play with lomo cameras! We'll be getting the film prints back in a week or two, I can't wait to see them and show them to you!

If you're a Northern blogger, I've already got another meet up in the pipeline so get in touch if you want to be involved!


  1. I look so tense at the tea rooms!

    Thank you for organising such a lovely afternoon, it was great fun meeting you all and extra brownie points for bringing in beautiful bags and awesome cameras!

    Florrie x

  2. It looks like so much fun, love these pictures! I'd be interested in a future meet, I'm currently living in Preston & it's always lovely to meet other bloggers :)
    Rebecca x

  3. Gutted i missed It. Way more fun than work. Mind u, I got some mcrfw in at the evening.


    Looks like you all had lots of fun!!

    Rianna xxx

  5. I'm in Sheffield Claire but would love to get along to a meet up! Keep me in the loop!

  6. Hey Clare!

    I'm gutted I missed out on this! I didn't see your tweet to my Our Hause account as it's not synced up to my phone! Would love to come to the next one though :)


  7. This sounds really cute! I'd definately be interested in future Manchester get togethers...

  8. I always miss out on these meet ups!! Would love to be a part of the next one lovely, my e-mail is:

    I have twitter but it's for my cupcake business: @bibbyscupcakes

    Eda ♥

  9. Hey!!

    Great meet-up!! I've been looking for opportunities to meet bloggers in Manchester as relatively new to the blogging world, so would definitely like to be involved in the next one!!

    My email is

    Love Claire xx

  10. So glad people are starting to organise things for northern bloggers! I'd be happily interested in a meet up to meet and greet other bloggers and Manchester isn't too far away from me! :)!

    Gemma x

  11. I'm a northen blogger! I love a good meet up.

  12. Hey there, I'm a NW blogger. I've just started a brand new one called The Science of Happy. I'd be up for a blogger meet up :)


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