Summer is Coming

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Summer is definitely just round the corner, despite the fact it'll probably be raining when you read this...So it's high time I started ditching the uber thick black tights and fur trim leather jacket combo and opt for more casual summery options.

I've taken my first step towards summer with shoes! The lovely people at Sperry got in touch and offered to send me a pair of shoes to give a whirl, I opted for these super cute Seersucker Boat Shoes in Coral and pranced around our living room for a bit taking photos of myself in them, I can't imagine what the neighbours in the flats across thought I was doing...

I don't think I'll be venturing out of the house in them any time soon, Manchester isn't really the best place to be to avoid soggy feet after all. Roll on Summer so I can rock the 'I'm on a boat!' look.


  1. looking suave(suave bob), very nice. yeah I wouldn't risk it yet, i still have big boots on. they can send me some if they like

  2. LOVE these shoes! they look like summer :-)
    xx from germany


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