Backstage at YSL 1985

I love finding old imagery of fashion and couture, it makes me wonder if people will be finding blogger's backstage and show photography in years to come and poring over it the same way I do now.

These images were taken by Gordon Spooner in 1985, what do you think of them? I love the expressions on the model's faces and the dynamic between them and everyone else backstage, it seems a lot less hectic than modern shows. You can create your very own imagery by turning your hobby into a photography career with Guide to Career Education. Go for it!

This weekend I plan to do very little, everything has been so busy recently with work and running around the country for events and meetings, I think it's time to have a weekend of nothing. What are you up to this weekend?


  1. These photos are beautiful - the models look like they are about to go and lounge on some chaise longue somewhere looking beautiful, rather than walking the catwalk! As you say, it looks a lot less hectic than today's shows!

  2. beautiful photos! particularly like the bottom two :) x

  3. Amazing images, I miss film cameras.


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