Little Boots

Pretty much every day my boyfriend complains about the sheer amount of shoes that I have in my wardrobe (when I say wardrobe, I mean one of my wardrobes...) but how can you possibly have too many shoes really?

I do have a few, rather similar pairs of shoes but I'm on the look out for a perfect pair, so naturally I have to make my way through a range of shoes trying to find them! I'm currently on the search for the perfect pair of ankle boots but am currently stuck in my wedged desert boot rut. So I've picked out a few styles that will bridge the gap between the two...

The beige boots on the left are a little similar to ones I already have but without the wedge so stepping out of my comfort zone a little bit! The middle boots are pretty much my classic day to day shoes, in a lovely cocoa colour. The boots on the right are the furthest away from my comfort zone, and kind of the most grown up! I'm still looking for the perfect pair but I think I'm getting closer... These women's ankle boots on Macy's are proving good for inspiration!

But do you have any suggestions or tips?


  1. I have beige boots like this from Topshop and I am IN LOVE with them. I love the ones here!! :)

  2. tell your bf that a girl can never have too many shoes! these are absolutely adorable, love booties

  3. I really like the black ones !


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