I wish I was Zooey...

Zooey can do no wrong in my eyes. Well, I'm not a massive fan of New Girl but I will happily sit through it just so I can look at her hair, I have serious hair envy.
Plus, these photos were taken by Ellen Von Unwerth, one of my favourite photographers, for Lula, one of my favourite magazines. Probably the most perfect set of photos a girl could ask for right?

Hand up who wants to be Zooey...

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  1. I like her too :) She's so girly and cute and her haaair indeed!

  2. Ohh I love her. She's so beautiful it's unfair!
    Rebecca x

  3. I want to be like zoey!!! She's a real muse for me! Beautiful pictures ;D




  4. I've always absolutely loved her, and I really like New Girl, the only thing that's put me off recently is her Instagram is just a sea of snaps of herself. I thought there was a bit more to her than a pretty face, but they I figured that's probably all a lot of her fans want to see so maybe that's the reason why.

    Either way I still adore her, and these photos are stunning!


  5. I love her too - her free-spiritedness, her girliness, her unabashed indiness! And I can't believe how many Zooey haters there are out there, many of whom seem to have surfaced with "New Girl's" success. (I love the show - new episode tonight!) But then, I suppose such is life in the public eye.

  6. She's amazing and bringing back girl nerd to the cool zone! YES!
    Girl V. London

  7. I do!
    Since I saw 500 days of Summer, I've been in love with her!


  8. gah, i know right? i love her so much! she's great in more ways than one :)


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