Fashion156 LFW Issue

Every season online magazine Fashion156 release a London Fashion Week preview issue, I usually pounce on it as soon as it's live but this year (due to multiple family birthdays and large amounts of work) I've fallen behind on LFW everything... Though I am loving the return of Vogue's Video wall that sends you an email with all of the runway images, amazing!

But I thought Fashion156 was the best place to start properly, especially as they feature up and coming designers rather than your staple Mark Fast and Vivienne Westwoods.

I adore Helen Bullock, always have an always will, he designs are always creative, imaginative and beautifully colourful.

Corrie Nielson uses gorgeously subtle and clean colours to create classic silhouettes, and shot alongside the pastel plastic by Fashion156, it's just a little bit perfect.

Claudia Ligari's leather touches and perfect LBDs are a match made in heaven, I want them in my life as soon as possible. You can learn to touch up these photos and make them publication ready at this graphic design college.

What have been your favourite collections this season? I'm going to spend the rest of the evening/week trawling through Fashion156 Collections, who's with me?


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