RIP Eve Arnold

One of my very favourite photographers Eve Arnold, passed away this week at the grand old age of 99. I've picked out my favourite images as a mini tribute to her.

She has taken some of the most beautiful photos of Marilyn Monroe, amazing images of 1950's Harlem and intimate behind the scenes images. She is an inspiration to women photographers, fighting adversity and sexism throughout her career.

My thoughts are with her family.


  1. I'm always so impressed with how much you know about fashion my dear! Didn't know about Eve other than what I read on Emerald Street. She's a babe! She did well tho huh. Also, love 3 floor too, amazing pieces and love the little doodles etc! Xx

  2. Wow.. Always saw those pictures but never knew the author :S

  3. She lived a long life. Love her work! RIP

  4. Such a bummer, those are stunning photographs.

    x The Pretty Secrets

  5. Thanks for posting this. I recently realized just how ignorant woman my age and younger are of all of these great female artists and writers. It's as important now as ever, in the year 2012 the majority of professional photographers are still men!

  6. Oh I hadnt heard this news. I had the joy of sitting in on one of her lectures once. A truly wonderful woman. Xxxx


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