I've been a little bit in love with Fifi Lapin for several years now, I just want to be that little fashion bunny so darned much. So when Iconemesis got in touch and asked if I fancied reviewing a Fifi Lapin iPhone case, I of course said yes.

I wasn't sure which design I was going to receive but when the Fifi, Sonny and Stella case ended up in my post box, I was more than pleased. Even though it's made for an iPhone 4 rather than a 4S like mine is, you can hardly tell, just the silent switch doesn't quite fit in the hole in the case is all! Having white sides on my phone is taking a little getting used to (boo hiss at white iPhones!) but I'm sure I'll come round to them. I took the photo with my phone so it's a bit grainy but in keeping with the post!

The Fifi Lapin cases are available from Iconemesis for £24.99, have a look at all the different styles here.
Iconemesis also collaborate with lots of other UK artists including Gemma Correll, Pete Harrison and Serge Seidlitz all definitely worth checking out!


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