How to: California Waves

After I posted the california waves video the other day, the lovely Jilly from John Frieda got in touch and sent me some products to try out! I've done a little how to post following the video instructions and testing out the products...

1. Secret Agent Perfecting Creme
2. Dream Curls Styling Spray
3. Volume Refresher

1. Towel dry and rough up your hair using the Dream Curls Styling Spray
2. Roughly blow dry your hair upside down - make sure your parting behaves, mine went a bit wonky...
3. The video says to separate into sections and curl but my hair is naturally wavy so I didn't bother!
4. Rub Secret Agent Creme through the ends of your hair to smooth it down and get rid of the frizz
5. I smoothed the rest of my hair and tidied it up with straighteners but that's up to you!
6. Boost and set the style with hair spray and Volume Refresher to get lovely California Waves!

What do you think of the wavy hair? I like the effect of the John Frieda products, it's quite a lot of effort to do the above every day but I'll definitely be introducing the products into my daily routine, my hair feels voluminous, manageable and the style held all day, all good in my book!

Do you have any top tips for mid length hair? I need some inspiration!


  1. Very lovely darling

    Eda ♥

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  3. thanks for the tutorial
    follow each other?



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