Emu A/W 12

Now, I'm not really a sheepskin boot kind of girl but I've always been impressed by brands like Emu and Ugg's non-sheepskin boots collection, Ugg have gorgeous clogs and leather boots whereas Emu has the most amazing accessories.

I was invited to the Emu Australia press preview in Manchester on Thursday (they win instant brownie points by having an event up North!) where we spent the evening stroking sheepskin, wishing the kid's shoes were in our size and lounging around in the suite where it took place.
 The clothing line was a little bit too mature for my taste, I like my leather jackets a little bit on the Grease side rather than yummy mummy, but the quality of them was amazing! My friend Jana and I were a little bit obsessed with the trapper hats, kid's shark boots and the amazing sheep cupcakes by Hey Little Cupcake, how cute are they?? I also love all of their heritage imagery in their lookbooks, the pictures of ancient sheep and emus running around.

To see more of Emu, have a gander here.


  1. I'm a sucker for anything heritage, but I always worry about this style of shoe as they seem to lack any kind of support and I have weak ankles (which I appear to forget whenever I drag the heels out). Reckon I could get over it for those cupcakes though!

  2. ohhhh I have some emu boot and I bought them 2 years ago. They are great and have lasted really well x

  3. ahh pretty post! <3 xxxxxx


  4. The kids shoes look fantastic !

  5. I love these boots so much! they look so comfy and warm for winter but not the easiest thing to wear.. i still love the ones with teeth though! xx


  6. Great photography!


  7. Those sheep cupcakes are amazing! And the teeth/ animal ones are so cute! xx


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