Any Given Sunday

Any Given Sunday is a a gorgeous little film by creative audiovisual wonders Watergun in collaboration with Jacky Tsai, the artist behind Alexander McQueen's classic skull print.

It follows a rather lovely girl with hair I will never have but always want wearing dresses by Jacky Tsai and being a little bit stalked by an impossibly good looking but no doubt mysterious boy. The dresses featured are perfectly simple with a splash of dye, and the tee sported by the lovely boy is also part of the more casual collection.

You can see more of the dress and tee collection here and watch the video above.


  1. any given sunday! yeay!

    love it. greeting from indonesia

  2. You do sum up the video very well ;) Ahhh, it's so beautiful! And agreed, I definitely want her hair

  3. you look skinnier and more pretty!!! omg you look so pretty :)


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