Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Shoe Porn

Ok, so I should be packing all of the shoes I already own into boxes for Friday when I move into my new flat (yay!) but instead I'm watching The Great British Bake Off and lusting over shoes...

Until payday these will remain mere lust objects but who knows what will happen next week, who knows where my debit card will end up and what my feet will be dressed up in!

I found these bounty of beauties on Viva La Diva, a veritable black hole of gorgeous shoes, I warn you, if you visit that site, you will be there for some time...

These shoes range from the affordable to the more, shall we say, luxury and high street to designer including Schuh and UN.

Friday, 19 August 2011

What to wear when...

...It's your first day at work!

I'm working through these with things that are close to me, but if you want to suggest different 'What to wear when's...' just let me know! I often get emails asking me questions so if you want them answered like this, let me know. Obviously this post won't be relevant if you're an accountant or something!

(All items above are available from Cashmere Scarf and Topshop)

1. Be comfortable, wear something you wear every day but smarter.

2. Small heels or wedges are always a good way to build confidence they usually make everything look better!

3. Opt for gorgeous but subtle accessories like the shoes and bag above.

4. Make sure everything fits you properly, you don't want to have your trousers cutting into your waist when you're sat at a desk for 8 hours!

5. Make sure you have something to layer up with, air conditioning can be your best friend one minute then turn on you the next...

What to wear when...

...You're travelling!

(All items above are available from Topshop, Aldo, MyBag.com and Benefit)

I travel A LOT. There's never a week that I spend every night in my bed, I'm always living out of a bag whether I'm home, at my boyfriend's, on business, on holiday or at a friends... I've got packing down to a fine art and have made myself a capsule wardrobe for the weekend that can deal with any situation...

1. A big bag that's easy to carry.

2. Comfy shoes that can be easy to take from tramping around train stations to bar hopping.

3. Clothes that look good when you layer them up, especially if you have to go from rainy, cold London onto the blisteringly hot tube.

4. A smaller bag where you can keep everything like tickets, passports and Oyster cards to hand.

5. Portable size make up, trust me, you'll need it!

What to wear when...

...You're curvy!

(All items above are available from Marisota, a great place to find clothes that fit properly! They have a website and womens clothing catalogues so it's easy to get them)

I often get emails from readers asking where they can get specific pieces for different kind of body types and, being a curvy girly myself, I thought it would be nice to do a few 'What to wear when...' posts to help out those tall, curvy girls who don't know where to get gorgeous clothes from and what to do with them when they find them! Here are some tips from my experience...

1. Embrace your curves! Wear things that accentuate your figure, like the black, wrap dress above, it's flattering, covers up problem areas and it'll make you look frigging awesome.

2. Accessories are key. No one (especially you) will be looking at your perhaps ample bosom when you're carrying an amazing bag or wearing shoes that stop even you in your tracks.

3. Don't be scared of colour. I know black is flattering and an easy option, but don't rule out reds, greens and purples, they're your friend too.

4. Be comfortable. As long as you're comfortable, you're going to be confident. Wear something casual, comfy and chic.

5. Don't avoid the trends. Just because you don't look like Alexa Chung, doesn't mean that you can't wear key season trends, just adapt them to a way that suits your body.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Ellen Rogers

I love the dreamy nature of these images taken by Ellen Rogers, with ethereal beauty, interesting textures and gorgeous composition. She only uses analogue cameras (a girl after my own heart) to create these magical images, with no digital technology or enhancement used at all apart from a scanner, these are entirely created by her.

I could stare at these all day... For more images and info, have a look at her website.

p.s. I'm down in London for meetings tomorrow and Friday, anything I should be doing?

Monday, 15 August 2011

A/W Wishlist

So I've still got a couple of weeks until my first grown up payday but I'm already spending it in my head (don't tell the boy...) 

This A/W I want to be wearing lots of bright red, deep turquoise, flowing chiffon, leather, black suede, full skirts and sleeves. Gone are the days of me wearing black jersey from head to toe, it's time to embrace colour and girly fabrics.

Now it's time to watch Cherry's Cash Dilemmas and pick up a tip or two... I totally want to be her when I grow up.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Books, biscuits and dogs

Since the boy and I found a flat last weekend (yay) I've been pretty obsessed with thinking about what kind of spoons we'll have in the kitchen and what colour cushions we'll have in the living room, where people will sit when we have parties and what baked good we'll offer to the neighbours.

I've also been trawling interior design blogs, looking for inspiration. Judging by the images I've picked out, I'll be very happy with lots of books, pictures, cookies and a dog. Now I just have to make the boy agree...

As you may be able to tell, I'm rather excited...

Images from The Cherry Blossom Girl and The Selby.

Monday, 8 August 2011

Selected Femme

I was a very lucky girl and got a lovely bundle full of clothes to play around with last week, they were from Selected Femme, Vila and Vero Moda and I've had lots of fun dressing up! Because of my grown up job, I've not had a lot of time to take photos of the messing around but here's a few of a lovely, beaded Selected Femme dress. The photos were taken by my lovely little sister, isn't she good?

It's super soft and floaty light in a gorgeous salmon pink with a beaded neckline. Perfect for a Summery day if we ever get one again... 

I shall be posting more of my dressing up if I ever get a spare moment! The boy and I have just found ourselves a little flat so we'll be moving soon and I'll have a bit more time to concentrate on the blog. Also, expect lots of interior design inspiration posts! 

Tuesday, 2 August 2011


The lovely people at IL2L kindly sent me over this rather gorgeous leather jacket (I now have a grand total of 6 leather jackets and have acknowledged my problem) to play around with. It's made of the most buttery soft leather and is possibly the warmest thing I've ever worn, something rather important seeing as it doesn't look like Summer will actually arrive any time soon...

I love the fit, colour and feel of the jacket, it's quite perfect actually. I have a feeling I'll be wearing it for a very long time!

The rest of my outfit is from Monki apart from my shoes which I got in the New Look sale for a tenner, win!

Check out the IL2L website and get yourself some gorgeousness!

The photos were taken by my lovely little sister, isn't she good?

Monday, 1 August 2011

Anna Jazewitsch

I am totally in love with the clean lines, odd design elements and splashes of colour within Anna Jazewitsch's designs. The cutouts and swimming hat-esque headgear just adds to the look of the collection. It's striking, minimalistic yet complicated and interesting all at the same time.

For more information and images, visit her blog.

p.s. Lots of things ending in my 99p Ebay sale today! Have a look if you so wish :)
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