Sunday, 27 February 2011

DIY: Massive Knitted Snood

In my spare time I usually make things or draw, so I thought I'd share with you a super simple DIY! I knitted a massive snood last week and it's one of the comfiest things ever and so easy to make. It would be best if you could knit already but it's also great for beginners as it's just one big, long strip of continuous knitting without any difficult bits and it only uses the basic knit stitch.

For all of you who can't knit, there's plenty of good video tutorials online here at Hook and Needles or if you know someone who can knit, get them to show you how! You're always welcome at my house if you fancy some cake and some knitting!

What you will need

  • Knitting needles - I used size 10, the bigger they are the quicker it is!
  • Wool - 2 to 3 balls, I used chunky Sirdar wool, it was about £2.50 a ball.
  • A safety pin or large sewing needle
  • Enough films and bad TV to keep you occupied while you knit


1. Cast on about 50 stitches depending on how wide you want your snood, mine is 50 stitches and is about half a metre wide, cast on less for a thinner one and more for a thicker one! Bear in mind that the more stitches you have, the longer it will take you, mine took me about 3 evenings but it's probably unnecessarily long is it's about 2 metres... Learn to cast on here if you can't already.

2. Knit using a basic knit stitch for as long as you want to, use another scarf or snood as a measure of how long you want it. Or do what I did and keep wrapping it round your neck until you reach your desired length! Learn to knit here if you can't already.

3. Once you've got as far as you want to, cast off (see here for help) leaving quite a long tail of wool still attached and it should leave you with a great big, long piece of knitting.

4. Use the long tail of wool to sew up the two ends, using either the safety pin or large needle. After you've done this, trim off any excess strands of wool and you should have yourself a lovely, comfy snood perfect for this chilly weather!

Good luck knitting! Hope you liked the tutorial, if you need any help or have any questions don't hesitate to ask me.

Also, if you can't be bothered to knit one, I was thinking of putting some in my defunct Blog Shop so just let me know if you're interested...

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Life Laundry

So, I got back from holiday (apologies for my absence by the way, I have been galavanting!) and felt the urge to get rid of everything I own, seeing as I was quite happy living out of a little bag for a week, having an entire wardrobe full of clothes I never wear seemed a bit silly...

So yes, there are lots of lovely shoes, clothes and jewellery ranging from Topshop to Tatty Devine! Including everything in the photos above of course. Help me clear out my wardrobe and get yourself something pretty here. Spread the word!

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

London Fashion Week Round Up

Instead of giving you my half arsed version of shows that I missed at London Fashion Week, I thought I'd give you a round up of the best sources of LFW info. My first and favourite source is Fashion156 who, after working with them over LFW, I know work ridiculously hard to bring you the best and fastest show reports, interviews and street style.

Visit their new Collections page for show reports and blog for behind the scenes snippets. is the classic 'go to' for any manner of Fashion Week info, super fast, super slick images and reports galore.

Visit for everything!

The Sketchbook blog, though rather sparse, has coverage of lesser known designers and behind the scenes info.

Visit their blog for more info.

Enjoy perusing through the LFW coverage, and I will be back on form next season!

Friday, 18 February 2011

London Fashion Week Day One

Alas, I have had to miss out on London Fashion Week this year as it's my lovely niece's first birthday and the boy has booked us a cheeky holiday! But never fear, Mercedes Benz is here!

They will be emailing me exclusive videos of LFW interviews and shows for us not able to make it to LFW to live vicariously through!

Hope you enjoy.

Thursday, 17 February 2011


So, I've started a new blog, as a sort of uni project and sort of just because I wanted to. It's called Handwritten, It will be full of handwritten articles written by people you're used to seeing through a browser rather than in real life. I love seeing people's handwriting, it makes you that little bit closer to that person.

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's contributions! If you fancy joining in, email me at

I'd love to know what you think about it, have a look at it here.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Lick My Legs

I first wrote about Lick My Legs back in the early days of this blog, just about the time when I was starting to post fairy regularly (by that I mean more than once a month...) which you can read here if you want to!

But nothing much has changed, I'm still a Lick My Legs fan and they still do raunchy T-shirts... I pretty much love all of them, especially the last leggy one and the bracey guy... These images are from their S/S lookbook.

For more info and images, visit their website.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

London Fashion Week Preview

Instead of donning the heels and copious amounts of black for London Fashion Week this season, I'll be at home celebrating my beautiful niece's first birthday (she is truly a LFW baby...) and going on a little holiday with the lovely boy. Therefore I will have to live vicariously through all of you guys and the rest of the internet to get my LFW fix.

My first port of call is always Fashion156 who put together a LFW preview issue the week before LFW kicks off, giving us a sneak preview of up and coming designers featured in LFW. This season is no different, with some of my favourite designers (Hermione de Paula and Georgia Hardinge) making an appearance. I love that you can instantly see which designer is which just from their trademark design touches, Hermione de Paula's floral prints, Maria Francesca Pepe's hard edged jewellery and Alice Palmer delicate knitwear.

Make sure to follow Fashion156 through LFW as they will be reporting on every show, party, street style look and backstage gossip.

Have a look at their LFW Preview Issue here, make sure to watch the video shot on location at Somerset House here as well.

(p.s. It's also been pretty much a year since I started posting on here properly but I completely missed the anniversary so I shall have to do something to celebrate soon, perhaps a giveaway if you're good...)

Monday, 14 February 2011

Dan Mountford Double Exposure

These are a few double exposure prints, taken by Dan Mountford. I'm a little bit in love with double exposure shots even if they're just by accident, but these are a little bit amazing, I especiallylove the one of the city scape on the back of a girls' head...

For more info, images and to buy prints visit his website.

Ooh, Happy Valentine's day too everybody!

Saturday, 12 February 2011


A short and sweet post today as I've got to rush off to work right about now... These photos are by Scott Stemberg for Band of Outsiders, showing Kirsten Dunst wandering around a botanical garden, having tea with an elephant and generally having a jolly nice time and looking delightful whilst doing it.

For more info and to buy the clothes, visit their website here.

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Bravo Bravissimo

I rarely ever do shop reviews, but when Bravissimo approached me and offered me a proper bra fitting I jumped at it. I have a, shall we say, rather ample bosom, and find it hard to find pretty yet supportive underwear so generally just end up wearing plain black over the shoulder boulder holders all the time. Any time I've tried to venture into more exciting lingerie (ie. colour or lace...) there s bound to be spillages...

Bravissimo offer supportive, pretty, well fitting underwear for women with D-KK cups, the majority of the styles are rather more mature than I would choose, but there is something for everyone. I picked out, with the help of the lovely Kat in the Manchester store, some black plunges, purple satin numbers and finally this leopard print set (which I can't seem to find online...) which tickled my fancy that you can see above.

I went in a 34D and came out a 32E/F... I couldn't believe the difference it makes, the proper support at the back lifts everything up to where it should be and the way it's shaped makes me look a dress size smaller, win and a half.

To any girlies out there with bigger boobs and an un-inspiring underwear drawer, I thoroughly recommend a trip to Bravissimo, the fitting is free and you don't have to buy anything unless you want to. You also get a little personalised size card with instructions how to check if your bra is fitting properly.

For more info and to find out where your nearest store is, visit their website.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

The Beautiful and the Damned

This is the new collection from Stylestalker, the design lovechild of Rachel Zeilic and Sue-Ann San, and I am a little bit in love with it...

The elegant shirts, the touches of leather, intricate lace and full skirts make this collection beautiful. With a slight sense of darkness, these pieces offer effortless style by the bucket load.

The collection is available to buy online here. For more info and images, visit their website.

p.s. You can see the video that accompanies the look book here.
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