Vogue Online Fashion 100

The Vogue Online Fashion 100 list was announced today and look who's Minne Mouse ears featured! I was so surprised and was not expecting an email popping into my inbox congratulating me for being in Vogue, I thought it was a bit of a joke... But I'm very happy to be in between the lovely Queen Michelle and one of the investors in the company I work for!

Apologies for being a bit quiet on the blog front recently, work has been a bit hectic but I've got a day off tomorrow so expect to be hearing more from me...


  1. that's mega, well done to you!

  2. Thefashioncrack.blogspot.com, this is a new blog from Portugal, I hope that you can check and probably follow.


  3. Nice post:)


  4. Oh my gosh thats amazing!!!! congratulations!!!


  5. Great news........Now I can check Vogue fashion new trends online .... congratulations for this

  6. What a gorgeous !!! Loves a little holiday card that includes the furries!! Your dress is stunning!

    Happy Holidays Taylor!


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