I just had to post these images, they remind me of those Magic Tree things, anyone else remember those or is it just me?

These are infrared images taken by Japanese photographer Dennis Dung, and I love their eeriness and fantastical feel.

I needed some cheering up yesterday so accidentally purchased some shoes from Stylist Pick so I'll have to show you them when the boy gets back from a business trip with the key to the post box... Harumph!


  1. these are amazing... hope you had a great weekend!

  2. amazing pictures! thank you for sharing! especially the one on the sand.

  3. I'd like to see is the shoe part of the boot to be a little taller and a little less flat.

  4. Teehee I accidently spent over 100 pounds on myself in Topshop yesterday and I definitely don't have that to spend! Wow clare, these are amazing! Don't quite get how theyre infrared tho, how does that work?! :P they're stunning no matter.. big wintry hugs! Xx


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