Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Monki Magazine

I'm sure all of you know how much I love Monki (just a tad obsessed...) so imagine my extreme delight when I was given the opportunity to be in their magazine! Have a look at the gorgeous Spooky Issue here and see my 'Spooky Place' photographed by my lovely sister.

Not only that, Monki now have an online store! It's a blessing in disguise that the internet in our flat is so slow because otherwise I would have snapped up everything it had to offer... Visit the shop here if you dare, everything is just so very perfect.

Apologies for the silence on here, I have lots of lovely new things to show you and I promise I'll be showing my face round these parts a lot more.


  1. Oh, congratulations!! So great!
    Monki does the loveliest clothes! I'm obsessed as well, need to avoid the online store, too much good stuff! ;)

  2. Congrats sweetie - it looks really good :) xx

  3. Monki's really just too great. I'm so glad they've got a store in Hamburg. My Monki Magazine arrived yesterday and it truly made my day. I was just soo excited and felt like Alice in Wonderland, lumbering in a whole new world, discovering a new miracle every time I turned a page. The whole thing was so incredibly inspiring and amazing, I really can't wait the next one to arrive.
    Actually, that's how I found your blog. :> The Spooky Places thing was pretty cool and I just HAD to checkout your blog. I'm always on search for new lovely blogs to follow. :]
    However. Loooots of Love from Northern Germany (:

  4. This is amazing Clare! If anyone deserved it, you must certainly do!



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