Monday, 19 September 2011

Valencia Fashion Week

Apologies for being very quiet recently, work and a crappy internet connection in the flat doesn't work well with blogging but I couldn't stay away from Fashion Week musings...

Though I haven't had a chance to properly digest the LFW offerings, I found these backstage images from Valencia Fashion Week taken by photographer Laura Leal that I fell in love with. These analog offerings have a certain serenity seldom seen behind the scenes.

What's your favourite Fashion Week moment been so far?


  1. Lovely photos - it all seems so peaceful and calm - not at all what you'd expect from behind he scenes shots at fashion week! x

  2. definitely some gorgeous pics!

  3. Such beautiful pictures indeed. But the pants in the first photo, oh they're just great!


    p.s. just started following your lovely blog :)

  4. These pic's are really cool .I like all of these .I also want to be the part of this Fashion week.

  5. Great post & awesome pictures ..Thank you so much for sharing this tremendous post with us.


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