Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Bespoke by SimplyBe

Ever since payday I've been 'accidentally' stumbling onto websites and into shops but haven't actually bought that much stuff (ignore that bag of new clothes in my wardrobe, ahem...) even though I wear pretty much the same style of clothes to work as I do when I'm lounging around the flat, I always like to pretend I'm more important than I am and look at clothes that would make me look very out of place in an office full of jeans and t shirts...

During my travels around online shops searching for inappropriate (in the right way) clothes, I found SimplyBe's Bespoke range. I usually check SimplyBe for clothes as I'm curvy and have a rather ample bosom so it was really good to see some trend led, gorgeous UK plus size dress. Usually all the plus size girlies get is floral things with a strange sleeve length... Plus I'm sure it helps that the model looks rather like Zooey Deschanel, another way to my heart...

What do you think to the Bespoke collection?

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