What to wear when...

...It's your first day at work!

I'm working through these with things that are close to me, but if you want to suggest different 'What to wear when's...' just let me know! I often get emails asking me questions so if you want them answered like this, let me know. Obviously this post won't be relevant if you're an accountant or something!

(All items above are available from Cashmere Scarf and Topshop)

1. Be comfortable, wear something you wear every day but smarter.

2. Small heels or wedges are always a good way to build confidence they usually make everything look better!

3. Opt for gorgeous but subtle accessories like the shoes and bag above.

4. Make sure everything fits you properly, you don't want to have your trousers cutting into your waist when you're sat at a desk for 8 hours!

5. Make sure you have something to layer up with, air conditioning can be your best friend one minute then turn on you the next...


  1. Total truth about the air conditioning. I never seem to be the same temperature as anyone else.
    I really like these posts. You come up with such smart outfits.

  2. I think "avoiding VPL", basically a sub-rule for Number 4, is always quite crucial! Talking from experience ha! ♥ Claire @ Jazzpad

  3. Nice choice for a first day at work! Loving the pieces :)



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