What to wear when...

...You're curvy!

(All items above are available from Marisota, a great place to find clothes that fit properly! They have a website and womens clothing catalogues so it's easy to get them)

I often get emails from readers asking where they can get specific pieces for different kind of body types and, being a curvy girly myself, I thought it would be nice to do a few 'What to wear when...' posts to help out those tall, curvy girls who don't know where to get gorgeous clothes from and what to do with them when they find them! Here are some tips from my experience...

1. Embrace your curves! Wear things that accentuate your figure, like the black, wrap dress above, it's flattering, covers up problem areas and it'll make you look frigging awesome.

2. Accessories are key. No one (especially you) will be looking at your perhaps ample bosom when you're carrying an amazing bag or wearing shoes that stop even you in your tracks.

3. Don't be scared of colour. I know black is flattering and an easy option, but don't rule out reds, greens and purples, they're your friend too.

4. Be comfortable. As long as you're comfortable, you're going to be confident. Wear something casual, comfy and chic.

5. Don't avoid the trends. Just because you don't look like Alexa Chung, doesn't mean that you can't wear key season trends, just adapt them to a way that suits your body.


  1. Love that black wrap dress, that would be perfect for my job, I'm small on top yet curvy on bottom!

    Eda ♥



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