Selected Femme

I was a very lucky girl and got a lovely bundle full of clothes to play around with last week, they were from Selected Femme, Vila and Vero Moda and I've had lots of fun dressing up! Because of my grown up job, I've not had a lot of time to take photos of the messing around but here's a few of a lovely, beaded Selected Femme dress. The photos were taken by my lovely little sister, isn't she good?

It's super soft and floaty light in a gorgeous salmon pink with a beaded neckline. Perfect for a Summery day if we ever get one again... 

I shall be posting more of my dressing up if I ever get a spare moment! The boy and I have just found ourselves a little flat so we'll be moving soon and I'll have a bit more time to concentrate on the blog. Also, expect lots of interior design inspiration posts! 


  1. nice outfit,
    love these shoes!!!!


  2. Looking beautiful! Much excited for the new flat and interior inspiration posts :) x

  3. lovely dress :) and that colour looks great on you! it never seems to work on me... probably because my hair is blond-ish so it all looks kind of faded and pale on me. Shame! :)


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