The lovely people at IL2L kindly sent me over this rather gorgeous leather jacket (I now have a grand total of 6 leather jackets and have acknowledged my problem) to play around with. It's made of the most buttery soft leather and is possibly the warmest thing I've ever worn, something rather important seeing as it doesn't look like Summer will actually arrive any time soon...

I love the fit, colour and feel of the jacket, it's quite perfect actually. I have a feeling I'll be wearing it for a very long time!

The rest of my outfit is from Monki apart from my shoes which I got in the New Look sale for a tenner, win!

Check out the IL2L website and get yourself some gorgeousness!

The photos were taken by my lovely little sister, isn't she good?


  1. You really can't beat a nice leather jacket, and the shape and colour of this one is gorgeous x

  2. You can never have enough leather jackets. That is a fact!

  3. That is one delicious leather jacket! Such a lovely shade. I only have black ones :(

  4. i don't own ANY leather jackets, so you're more than making up for my lack

  5. I love this look, leather jackets are great (I have two)! Your shoes are wonderful!


  6. Beautiful gift. You look great in it. And gosh isn't you hair getting long again. Lovely shots. Xxxx

  7. You look stunning in that leather jacket and you have styled it to perfection!

    It's so lovely to see one of our leather jackets on someone who loves fashion as much as you do!

    The whole IL2L team are so happy that you like the leather jacket and we love the blog post! So a big thank you to you also.

  8. i love your outfit!!
    i love your vintage style..i love the italian vintage brand Il Bisonte!! do you know? I'm sure yo'll love it. I saw it at Pitti..

  9. This jacket is absolutely gorgeous, I love my leather jacket but this is divine!

    Maria xxx

  10. I have a similar problem with long coats - it doesn't seem to matter how many I have, there's always room for another. Mind you, I'd definitely make room for this jacket too!

  11. loving this outfit! great leather jacket for sure!

  12. Nice. This is definitely great info. I appreciate you posting this! More like it soon please! :)

  13. Nice post.Very interesting for reading. Thanks for sharing this blog..


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