Saturday, 30 July 2011

Outfit Challenge

I have been useless at posting recently, I have millions (slight exaggeration) of things to show you and tell you about but I've been distracted by the whole graduating/getting a job/being a grown up malarkey.

Anyways, a while ago the lovely people at So Feminine set me the challenge of creating an outfit with £50 pocket money. I had been on a clothes buying ban (bar a lovely skirt from Topshop that accidentally made it's way into my wardrobe...) since Christmas, but I can never turn down a challenge or an excuse to shopping!

The outfit I got is quite simple it consists of a reddy/orange sleeveless shirt from H&M which was £7.99, a gorgeous suede skirt from Warehouse (which is actually a size six and is supposed to be worn at the hips...) which was £20 in the sale and the most gorgeous tan, leather boots from Urban Outfitters for a wonderful £10! I also picked up the classic staple of 120 denier tights from Topshop which I think were £8, so that makes nearly £50 plus a little bit extra which I spent on cake and wine, a good choice I think you'll agree. By the way, my nail varnish is Me Me Me.

What do you think of my outfit? What's your favourite piece?


  1. top notch, 10er for those boots is insane!

  2. I absolutely looove this skirt :)


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