Hello Real World

I'm a grown up! Well, that short sentence probably tells you that I'm definitely not a grown up... But I have a degree and I've donned the mortar board, now it's time for the real World. Just a few photos from the day with me in the trusty Wonder Woman pose, the lovely boy, my lovely Momma and my beloved partner in crime Ashleigh.

I'm excited to move to Manchester, get a proper job, get back into blogging properly and begin a new chapter as Mat said. Now I just need to put all of that into practice...


  1. Congratulations! I graduated last Wednesday and I do not want to grow up!

  2. aha, i love how you write "i'm a grown up!" after a photo of you posing as (what i presume is) a bat. xxx

  3. Congrats! The first and last photo are my faves. Before I read the part about "Wonder Woman," I was thinking you looked a little bit like a super hero in the first photo. I think you should call the pose in your last photo "Count Dracula." The graduation robe has a wonderful cape vibe to it. =)

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  4. Congratulations, great pictures


  5. great graduation get up!
    The real world is pretty scary! I just graduated last week ! Thrust straight into the working world and the commute! Good luck

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  6. Wow you look AMAZING. Graduating suits you well.
    Love your Wonder Woman pose. Xxxx


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