Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Candy Bright

I'm not usually a fan of those websites full of little things you don't need but when got in touch with me to see if I wanted to review some of the fashion and beauty products, I couldn't turn down the deliciously bright colours of the Me Me Me Summer Brights Collection after being stuck in a mink Nails Inc rut for so long.

I started at with the pink as it looked the yummiest but when I put it on I was quite disappointed as it was really thin, but after a couple of coats it was looking top notch and matches my new MAC lipstick beautifully! I was far more impressed with the other colours though, they came out in Love Heart-esque tones with a matte finish with just one coat. At £14.99 for four, the price isn't bad either!

I wanted to do a nail tutorial but alas I have no time so unfortunately there's just a couple of photos of me looking silly.

What's your favourite colour of nail varnish?

Ooh, also, I've just put loads of things up on Ebay for mere pennies so have a look and help me get down to just one wardrobe so my boyfriend doesn't disown me...


  1. Usually, I like to keep my nails pretty neutral. Though sometimes I will play with shades of pink in the spring and summer and dark blues and purple in the fall. I usually safe other playful colors for my toes! =)
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  2. Oh how utterly funky. I never know what colour nail varnish to adorn on my nails - now I think I will do as you have done and place them all on hehe x

  3. Personally I love that minty green one! Nice to see you so colorful! :P

  4. What a great choice in colors, they look so cute together! I'm a big fan of metallic polishes, but during the summer, I love a warm orange :)

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