My Work Wishlist

With the whole finishing uni/getting into the real World/working/going to interview I've found myself fantasising about black trousers that fit properly instead of bright red dresses... So here's my little (achievable and affordable) wishlist.

1. Sailor style top from Monki. I'm still obsessed with Monki and I'm going to be featured in the next Monki magazine, so watch out for my face!

2. Oversized sheer black dress from Monki.

3. Tapered black trousers from Topshop. I need to train myself to wear trousers again!

4. A gorgeous teal shirt dress from Warehouse.

5. Patent loafers from Topshop.

6. Black Mary Janes from Topshop.

What would your work staple be? I think red lipstick is going to be one of mine...


  1. Super post, long time I was not here, too bad.

    Best blog:)


  2. Sudden realisation of where I might be going wrong with interviews. Note to self: more 'proper' clothes, less leopard print dresses and leather skirts.

    The green dress is gorgeous!

  3. Yes, what gorgeous pieces!! I'm so upset because my job had T-SHIRTS made, so that's what I have to wear everyday. Blegh!


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