Graduate Fashion Week 2011

From top to bottom: Hannah Cumming, Zoe Clark, Anna Stephenson, Kyle Graham Spires, Barbra Kolasinski and Laura De Barra.

So today saw the start of Graduate Fashion Week 2011, the third one I have attended but the first that I've actually been a Graduate (well not technically as Graduation is in July but still...) at. I've been nominated for a few awards so I have to be on the UCLan stand at all times throughout the week in case the judges pounce so if anyone else is around, do come and say hello! I'll even give you a business card as I'm a grown up now and have some...

Because of the having to hang around the stand all day, we didn't get to see many shows, though we did see the UCLan and Edinburgh shows, both of which were a delight.

Edinburgh was particularly good (as always) and I managed to get a few shoddy snaps of some of my favourite collections. The whole Edinburgh show was of a really high standard though, the manufacturing, fabrics and accessories were all top notch. I especially liked the wooden accessories peppered throughout the collections, give me a wooden box over a tote bag any day.

I love the bold and bright colour palette in Hannah Cumming's collection, the intricate wooden accessories and pom poms in Zoe Clark's collection, the gorgeous pleating in Kyle Spires's, the bright fur and printed trousers in Barbra Kolanski's and the contrast of knitwear and leather in Laura De Barra's. Anna Stephenson's collection was a stand out favourite of mine, as a massive fan of Hermione de Paula, I'm always on the lookout for more floral, optical prints. Anna's delivered just this in a delicate, feminine and eye catching way. Each piece hugged the models perfectly and effortlessly floated down the catwalk.

I'm hopefully going to see a few more shows tomorrow, depending on when the judges get round to seeing me...

If you're at GFW let me know how you're getting on and come and say hello! ALSO, visit the AVA Books stand and pick up the Styling book as I wrote a piece in it!


  1. those wooden accessories are well intriguing. glad you got to see uclan's show too.

    hooray for being published!

  2. aaaaah! im makin my way there tomorrow!! im sooooo excited!!!


  3. The show looked great. I was around today and didnt see you. I will look properly tomorrow. Xxxx

  4. so much young talent!
    thanks for sharing these gorgeous looks

  5. Short shirts, neon furs, head-to-toe prints, oh and everything from the second photo, yep that about it. Wishlist completed.

  6. aah well done lady! So pleaseddd for youuu! Well its been a year since we first met and I was highly irritating at the last GFW! Will pop by tomorrow so will defs catch you and see you marvelous work! :D
    p.s Love miss Cummin's collection - looks like some good colour!

  7. I think Laura has the bet collection here. Not quite sure about that leather strap vest though...

  8. Great images all around, I'm loving the colors, patterns, and accessories! Especially the orange platforms in the Edinburgh shot!

    Ripped Nylon


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