Elena Ciuprina

I've been looking at a lot of graduate collections recently (seeing as I am now one, hee hee) and they are just so much more interesting and imaginative than anything you see elsewhere. These beauties are by Polish born Elena Ciuprina who graduated last year.

I like the simple, yet intricate nature of this collection, the drapes, the colour pallette and the cut of every piece within this collection. If I had that red dress, I'd never take it off... What's your favourite piece?


  1. Whoa. This model and collection is fierce. Love the red trousers. I have serious love for Polish designers after going to fashion week there earlier this year... they are awesome. xx

  2. Lovely pictures, I'm liking these dresses :)

    You've got a cute blog, maybe you'd like to follow each other?


  3. omg) Thank you so much for those wonderful words about my collection! Actually I want to say that your blog is really interesting!)

  4. I love them, great collection thanks for sharing!



  5. this is coool, reminds me of chloe sevigny x

  6. That shirt in the third outfit is def my favorite!


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