Class of 2011

Uni is over! Well, everything's handed in anyway, just Graduate Fashion Week, PolyU Global Challenge and Graduation to go...

To celebrate four years of hard work, we decided to go out as superheroes and, as I barely ever share my face or personal life on here, I thought I would as an ode to my lovely friends and our mad costume skillz. I'm Wonder Woman of course, the lovely Ashleigh is a very good She Ra (we made the costumes ourselves, from scratch, we win), Sophy is Batgirl and will be with me at GFW and Hong Kong. We also have lovelies Cat Girl, Super Girl, Rainbow Brite, Bubbles the Powerpuff Girl and Super Ted. We wasted 4 years on our Fashion Promotion degree, we should have been superheroes.

Yay to everyone!

p.s. Things finishing on Ebay soon! Click heeeeere.


  1. it's the end of an era tweet :( but :)

  2. Congrats on graduating!!

    That looks so much fun, love the costumes!

    Jonna xx

  3. Congratulations on graduating ehhe. Ps you look super awesome in the Wonder Woman costume :) xx <3
    ehhehe I like what you said, "We wasted 4 years on our Fashion Promotion degree, we should have been superheroes." xx

  4. the idea of finishing uni scares me so much! but this is the BEST way to go, i'm a sucker for fancy dress ;) xx

  5. Congratulations! You gals made awesome costumes.

    x The Pretty Secrets

  6. It wasn't wasted you are super hero's Xxxx

  7. WOO! That's one way to party it out! Congrats, and agreed with the others, the costumes are fantastic.

    Ripped Nylon


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