Adventures in Hong Kong

I'm in Hong Kong! Hoorah! I'm here with three other girls from UCLan to take part in the semi finals of the Poly U Global Challenge, unfortunately we didn't get through to the final but never mind, now we have a couple of extra days to explore Hong Kong and it's insanity.

It's been so much fun meeting people from all over the World, presenting our little business to proper grown up people and experiencing a completely different culture along with a billion other cultures. I love seeing the way different people react to things. We were expecting to stand out like sore fashiony thumbs (we do a little bit) amongst a sea of suits and brainy people, but everyone is really lovely and so much fun.

I've posted some properly cheesy, touristy photos of the team which is me, Alex, Sophy and Tanya (in the order of the last photo, Alex is incapable of keeping her eyes open in photos...) so excuse the sweaty, grinning faces but they are some of my favourite times from the trip such as wandering aimlessly around the streets of Hong Kong, FOOD, meeting lots of awesome new people, Dim Sum on a floaty restaurant, sunsets by the harbour, presenting our 'business', commiseration comfort food with weird McDonalds, drunk old chinese men picking us up, being silly in Lang Kwai Fong, treating the 7 Eleven as a club/bar and making friends.

We're off to explore the millionaire lifestyle on Hong Kong island tomorrow evening so I'm sure I'll have a far more interesting post!

Let me know if there's any must visit places in Hong Kong if you've been here before, we want to make the most of our time here!


  1. Looks like you are having a fabulous time! Jealous!

    Commisserations about missing out on the final, but nevermind, you get to be in Hong Kong!!

    See you when you're next in Manc!


  2. ace, look forward to seeing the rest

  3. Wow, Hong Kong must be amazing! Great pictures, have fun!

  4. Oh, I love this city... Wonderfulll!! :)


  5. I guess you really had a great time. Those cheesy touristy photos with a lot munch with it makes me hungry.

  6. Looks amazing guys! Your presentation outfits were gorgeous! Enjoy your last day! Missing you.xx

  7. Looks like a ton of fun. Love those nails! xo


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