Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Project Ocean

Selfridges have unveiled Project Ocean, a collaboration with the Zoological Society of London to  ensure that there's always plenty more fish in the sea.

Jonathan Baillie co-creator of Project Ocean and Director of ZSL said, “Project Ocean signals the biggest-ever retail activism campaign designed to ‘sell’ and engage public mind-sets on overfishing, an issue that needs mass support.  We hope that this innovative partnership with Selfridges makes the public understand the issues around overfishing, and measurably leads to more fish in the sea.

Project Ocean has taken over Selfridges London with film screening, talks and window displays on offer until the 12th of June.

You can experience Project Ocean online here, but it's always better in person! I'm going to go and have a proper look myself when I'm London for Graduate Fashion Week next week, who else will be around there? I'm up for four awards so I'm quite excited!

Also, speaking of Selfridges, everyone based in the North West should get down to the Xen-Tan pop up shop in the Trafford Centre and get your tan on! Click here for more details. I'm going to get my body bronzed for GFW and Hong Kong times!


  1. me and hollie were looking at the display the other day at traffs, we picked up a sustainable fish guide too. all good!

  2. love this shoot and the tees are great!

    Eda ♥

    *following your blog*

  3. oooo what awards are you up for?! i've been shortlisted by the uni for a couple... (also showing, in the northumbria show on the sunday, obvs...)



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