Being of the curvy persuasion I often feel a little (very) fat when flicking through Vogue or something of that ilk which are all full of teeny weeny models wearing the most beautiful, unattainable clothes.

So, when I stumbled across Slink Magazine I felt right at home. Even though I don't quite fit into their target audience (Size 14+) I do fit into the curvy and proud bracket that they are championing, they are about loving who you are no matter what size you are, which I am well in favour of!

Also, the beauty of having a magazine that is not constantly centred around weight issues, means absolutely no 'Look how skinny Cheryl Cole is!' and 'Oh nooooo, my boyfriend doesn't love me because I've put on 3 pounds!', and plenty of much, much better things like yummy recipes and travel articles.

If you fancy a change from the usual magazine, have a look at Slink here.


  1. I think the styling is a bit weak but the models look amazing. Definitely going to check this out, sounds much nicer than standard mags.

  2. i'm an inbetweener too so size extremes can be annoying. Love the clothes and the models look rad. hope the rest of the mag is good :)

    Bright Green Laces

  3. At last a magazine with a different angle. Thanks for this. Xxxx

  4. Yeah, I too think the styling could be amped a bit more... this is generally how I feel about fashion meets 'plus sized' or 'curvy'... it just always seems that they're so caught up with focusing on flying the flag for sizing that they forget about the aesthetics...

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  6. I am much encouraged by Slink as I do fall into the 14+ sizing range. There is a fantastic vibrant community of bloggers, tweeters and flickr'rs out there and I think that a good magazine would act as an ideal forum to consolidate this market.

    Believe me the styling in Slink is light years ahead of some of the stuff out there, the range of good quality clothing also continues to be an issue so there is a tempation to ahem-over accessorise.


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