Here's a little sneaky peek at what I've been gathering up today. I'm doing my shoot tomorrow so today has been spent collecting clothes and meeting PRs, best time ever to get a cold, but I'm powering through...

These pieces are from Bitching and Junkfood, Tatty Devine and Okkabi (I want everything in this collection by the way...), I'll post the proper images next week and probably some more teaser/behind the scenes ones to see what you think!

Wish me luck...


  1. it's going to be epic, hope it all goes "top banana". haven't seen you in a while

  2. AAAGGGHHHH IM SO EXCITEDDD!!! I love these pieces - gdwqn*dna!dne?@!!
    hehe can't wait to wear plastic - hooray! xxx

  3. Good luck! Can't wait to see what you do with that awesome plastic crystal necklace.

  4. mmmm super exciting! tattydevine anything makes me happy! xx

  5. Uh, I'm really jealous of your necklace collection?


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