I love... America

So it's nearing the end of my degree and my workload is getting a little bit silly, my blog's been suffering quite a bit because of it. I've decided I want to try and post every day again but at the moment they're going to have to be short, picture heavy posts! I'm going to try out a few 'I love...'s and see how it goes, let me know if you hate it!

I love... America. Especially the kind of beautiful, dreamy imagery that looks like it could be stills from Psycho, except uber glamorous and less killy.

These are by Formento + Formento.


  1. These are great... I wanna go on an American roadtrip now! x

  2. There's something a little veronica mars about these shots. I like it

    Bright Green Laces

  3. These images remind me of sixties sitcoms- such beautifully captured moments in time !

    Trisha xx


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