Friday, 8 April 2011

Hesan Hejazi A/W 11

There's only really one word I have to describe Hesan Hejazi's A/W 11 collection and that word is 'swoon'.

Seriously, how could you not love full red skirts, sheer shirts and plenty of leather? I adore the nods towards S&M with the leather gloves and full, red lips. I kind of want to put it all on and pretend I'm in the throes of passion ie. prancing around my room with lipstick on my face...

Visit his website for more images and info.


  1. omg love this!
    the pictures are amazing! =)
    lovely post sweetie!

  2. What a wonderful shoot- my fave has to be the beige/black profile one- they model is stunning! x

  3. Never heard of him but these are lovely!


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