Helen Bullock MA

One of my favourite things about fashion is that you get to watch designers effectively grow up as their career progresses, from being a student to when they've made it into the big, bad World.

Helen Bullock is a designer who I've been keeping my little eye on since her Graduate show from CSM when I was working at Fashion156, we featured it in The Artisan Issue and I've been entranced by her work ever since.

I posted about her last year after spotting one of her dresses, thankfully with her in it, amongst the crowd at Latitude festival and she was just about to start her MA. Well, she's just finished it and the images above are from the show. I love her use of colour, playful techniques and swathes of fabric. I also love her drawings that accompany the collection and want postcards to cover my wall in please!

p.s. I'm in London for the weekend to do a shoot so if anyone has any ideas for what I should do when I'm not working or shooting, let me know! Wish me luck...


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