Cheer Up

Apologies for the distinct lack of posting recently, I'm in the depths of Uni stress with my dissertation due in tomorrow and about a billion other things to do at the same time so I shall keep this short! I'll be back with a vengeance when it's all over though.

Just as I needed a little pick me up, images from Cheer Up clothing dropped into my inbox so I thought I'd share their super cute designs with you. I want to be those girls frolicking in the park right now but alas I have to go and film a promo video for the Uni along with Mat and then it's all nighter time... I can't wait to be a grown up.


  1. Good luck with your work :) Just think about how fab it will be when you are done :D

    Maria xxx

  2. ooh lovely indeed! good luck with the dissertation!

  3. Nice lookbook. Hope the dissertation went well. Struggling through mine (or not, obviously) at moment...


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