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Though I read plenty of shop magazines (ASOS, 214 Topshop, BooHoo...) I've never actually posted about one before, they always seem a bit more catalogue, not enough content (apart from Topshop, I just can't fault it) so it had never crossed my mind...

The Summer Magazine dropped into my inbox this morning as I was in the midst of creating a bazillion pie charts and spreadsheets for my FMP (FML more like...) and I decided to take a little blogging break to show it off to you. The images within the main editorial were just a bit too good to leave behind, with a distinctly 70's theme, think Veronica Corningstone from Anchorman, the styling, location and model inspired me to wear maxi dresses and bright colours this summer.

The little trend features within the magazine (I would have screen grabbed but there's links all over it!) are on trend, to the point and a bit lovely. I'll even forgive the Kate Middleton mention, anyone else getting utterly sick of all this Royal Wedding malarky?

Anyways, have a gander at the Summer Magazine to escape from the real World for a little bit. Right, back to work...

p.s. The magazine also has a 20% off code for Awear, so go and treat yourself!


  1. I got the Awear magazine with Cosmo this month through the post and I bought a few things this morning. I think it's a place I'll go back to - not exactly cheap enough for wardrobe staples on my student budget but great for beautiful statement bits.

  2. Lovely. I would love to be shooting more fashion stories again. Did you get your dissertation in OK. Xxxx


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