Edward Finney A/W 11

 These images are from Edward Finney's A/W 2011 collection, this collection makes me think of Landed Gentry and riding horses in the good old days.

But also, how amazing is the first black dress? I'm putting dibs on that for my wedding dress for sure, now I just need to find a willing victim/groom...

The model in these images is the lovely Sophie, who I did a shoot with a couple of weeks ago for my friend Kimchi Slaw, most of which I spent wondering where I recognised Sophie from...

For more information, images and film, visit his website.


  1. these are amazing! i see what you mean about the nod to gentry. and i adore how he's used the feathers xo

  2. That full length gown is insanely beautiful - especially with the feather headpiece. I love this collection!

  3. Beautiful. What great designs and the shoes and head gear just make it pop. Xxxx

  4. Bringing feathers back! I love the feathered details especially on the shoes, it is so overwhelming.

  5. Love the whimsical touch--she looks like she's stepped out of a fairy tale.

  6. um, amazing! love the woodland theme too. looking forward to saturday! xx

  7. those little feather hats are so interesting! the ones in the first shot remind me of the feather pieces in black swan, very cool


    Rachel Lynne



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