Love and Rivalry

These pretty images have been taken by Anastasia Cazabon, they're part of a collection entitled Love and Rivalry and these are the nicer ones... I love the lighting and sense of prettiness about them.

For more info and images, visit her website.

Apologies for the lack in posting recently, I've been a busy little person flitting around the country but I've had a delightful weekend in Kent visiting mine and the boy's family, jolly nice times for all!


  1. These photos are so soft and lovely. I will definitely check out more of her photography!

  2. yeap agree about the sense of prettiness :D.
    Hope you had fun :D xx

  3. I really like these.. Thanks for sharing!

  4. the third picture really speaks something
    such gorgeous post as always. love your blog !

  5. beautiful photos!! so romantic!


  6. Pretty shots apart from the last one - moth to a flame. Xxxx


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