London Fashion Week Round Up

Instead of giving you my half arsed version of shows that I missed at London Fashion Week, I thought I'd give you a round up of the best sources of LFW info. My first and favourite source is Fashion156 who, after working with them over LFW, I know work ridiculously hard to bring you the best and fastest show reports, interviews and street style.

Visit their new Collections page for show reports and blog for behind the scenes snippets. is the classic 'go to' for any manner of Fashion Week info, super fast, super slick images and reports galore.

Visit for everything!

The Sketchbook blog, though rather sparse, has coverage of lesser known designers and behind the scenes info.

Visit their blog for more info.

Enjoy perusing through the LFW coverage, and I will be back on form next season!


  1. a fab little lfw catch up - esp for those of us who didn't get the chance to go! Love the body on that last dress, highstreet needs to take note methinks.


  2. love sketchbook blog!! get colelction of images!! thanks for sharing! :) x

  3. the topshop blog, and who what wear are pretty good too! great post though :)

  4. Fashion156 is really cool, thank you! I'm always curious to see where other bloggers get their coverage.

    International Fashion

  5. oh clare, i wish you'd made it! great round up though, topshop unique was fab :) enjoy the lake district! xx

  6. Oh EM Gee Shoes! I want them all in my closet tomorrow morning.

  7. I'm in love with the Fashion156 images. Really gorgeous off-duty model pics. Cx

  8. Amazing. I adore those leopard shoes!
    I wish I could go to LFW someday..

    Going to check out that sketchbook blog now.


  9. I see a lot of people missed LFW this year for one reason or another, thank the lordy for these dedicated snappers and reporters eh! jazzy ♥

  10. The picture of the two models laughing hysterically at their phones with their hair in Minnie Mouse ear-esque buns is wonderful x

  11. Fashion156 is one of my faves too :)! Really nice roundup!


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