London Fashion Week Preview

Instead of donning the heels and copious amounts of black for London Fashion Week this season, I'll be at home celebrating my beautiful niece's first birthday (she is truly a LFW baby...) and going on a little holiday with the lovely boy. Therefore I will have to live vicariously through all of you guys and the rest of the internet to get my LFW fix.

My first port of call is always Fashion156 who put together a LFW preview issue the week before LFW kicks off, giving us a sneak preview of up and coming designers featured in LFW. This season is no different, with some of my favourite designers (Hermione de Paula and Georgia Hardinge) making an appearance. I love that you can instantly see which designer is which just from their trademark design touches, Hermione de Paula's floral prints, Maria Francesca Pepe's hard edged jewellery and Alice Palmer delicate knitwear.

Make sure to follow Fashion156 through LFW as they will be reporting on every show, party, street style look and backstage gossip.

Have a look at their LFW Preview Issue here, make sure to watch the video shot on location at Somerset House here as well.

(p.s. It's also been pretty much a year since I started posting on here properly but I completely missed the anniversary so I shall have to do something to celebrate soon, perhaps a giveaway if you're good...)


  1. Those dresses are gorgeous. I love the shape and the lines.

  2. I am familiar with Hermione de Paula but love the second designer so much! Also, is a great great great resource I am glad you use it.

  3. Lovely photos


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