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So, I got back from holiday (apologies for my absence by the way, I have been galavanting!) and felt the urge to get rid of everything I own, seeing as I was quite happy living out of a little bag for a week, having an entire wardrobe full of clothes I never wear seemed a bit silly...

So yes, there are lots of lovely shoes, clothes and jewellery ranging from Topshop to Tatty Devine! Including everything in the photos above of course. Help me clear out my wardrobe and get yourself something pretty here. Spread the word!


  1. good luck! i need to do a massive ebay clearout too, so unfortunately i can't buy any of your stuff :( xo

  2. I went on a massive ebay clear out a few days ago. Thing is I always end up spending as much money on ebay as I make :), I am now having a look through your stuff :) xx


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