DIY: Massive Knitted Snood

In my spare time I usually make things or draw, so I thought I'd share with you a super simple DIY! I knitted a massive snood last week and it's one of the comfiest things ever and so easy to make. It would be best if you could knit already but it's also great for beginners as it's just one big, long strip of continuous knitting without any difficult bits and it only uses the basic knit stitch.

For all of you who can't knit, there's plenty of good video tutorials online here at Hook and Needles or if you know someone who can knit, get them to show you how! You're always welcome at my house if you fancy some cake and some knitting!

What you will need

  • Knitting needles - I used size 10, the bigger they are the quicker it is!
  • Wool - 2 to 3 balls, I used chunky Sirdar wool, it was about £2.50 a ball.
  • A safety pin or large sewing needle
  • Enough films and bad TV to keep you occupied while you knit


1. Cast on about 50 stitches depending on how wide you want your snood, mine is 50 stitches and is about half a metre wide, cast on less for a thinner one and more for a thicker one! Bear in mind that the more stitches you have, the longer it will take you, mine took me about 3 evenings but it's probably unnecessarily long is it's about 2 metres... Learn to cast on here if you can't already.

2. Knit using a basic knit stitch for as long as you want to, use another scarf or snood as a measure of how long you want it. Or do what I did and keep wrapping it round your neck until you reach your desired length! Learn to knit here if you can't already.

3. Once you've got as far as you want to, cast off (see here for help) leaving quite a long tail of wool still attached and it should leave you with a great big, long piece of knitting.

4. Use the long tail of wool to sew up the two ends, using either the safety pin or large needle. After you've done this, trim off any excess strands of wool and you should have yourself a lovely, comfy snood perfect for this chilly weather!

Good luck knitting! Hope you liked the tutorial, if you need any help or have any questions don't hesitate to ask me.

Also, if you can't be bothered to knit one, I was thinking of putting some in my defunct Blog Shop so just let me know if you're interested...


  1. Fab snood, lovely colour too! I've been meaning to knit myself one for about two years so after seeing your post I definitely WILL get myself to a knitting shop :)

  2. This looks lovely! I would make one, but it would take me until spring to finish it. x

  3. It is gorgeous, I have a simillar snood but I certainly didnt have the skill to make it myself!

  4. Thats amazing! I thought this kind of thing took people all year? I am clearly a knitting noob!
    Definitely going to try this, I love snoods and it's about time I learned to knit. PLUS it would make a cute gift for friends etc!

    Lovely to see your pretty face on the blog! More please!


  5. It looks gorgeous! I am a massive snood fan (I first rediscovered their greatness three years ago and am happy they have come into fashion, mine is similar to this one)
    Well done!

    London Girl Up North

  6. I WISH I could knit :( The snood looks brilliant and such a lovely colour. x

  7. love it, amazing job!maybe i try it myself!

  8. I need to get my knit on, love this.

    Penny x

  9. This is gorgeous :) I can crochet but not knit, I think I will have to look into it though, scarfs seem like a more productive use of my time than blankets xx

  10. amazing!!! in love with this and the colour- gorgeous. I learned to knit just before christmas- seriously basic knit stitch is all i have mastered and made a scarf and a snood for my bf- I must make some more!! you look gorgeous.Katie.xx
    fashion clocked

  11. that's what i'm doing!Only i m a bit slow at knitting, since i started around the christmas holidays!Eventually i ll have it till the end of march! :D


  12. wow! can't believe you knitted that :o
    soooo good! i knit too :)

    Xisses, Onyxsta

  13. beautiful!


  14. Very impressive. Looks great on you

    Sleekit x

  15. snood is very cool
    I like it =)


  16. good job, i love!

  17. You're always welcome at my house if you fancy some cake and some knitting!

    I'm following your blog for those words alone! I'm also starting on my snood tonight :-)


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